An ethnographic research diary

This page aims to give a brief description about the research process during the project ABISCOPE.
I have conducted several interviews in order to understand Abisko and its dynamics. Stake holders such visitors, locals, local businesses and Climate research center and researchers were on the spotlight.

We explore Abisko in different seasons and from multiple perspectives: as a traveler’s destination, a place to live in, and as a destination for Arctic
research. Having summed up the learnings from this human centered research, we involved many scientific and touristic stakeholders in a participatory design session.

During the research process, we have tried different tools, not only service design but any tools we found valuable. Trying out tools was a great learning opportunity, and they summed up our findings and concepts. We all had key interview insights and we needed to find a way to make it useful for everyone in the group: insights cards and daily summary videos turned out quite useful to collect insights in two layers (raw vs. key findings).

You can also take a look at the Full Abiscope Research Report here!!



Story Templates

We translated interviews into story templates in order to create a memorable mini stories and personas. Story templates include interviewers name if further information needed.

We collect story templates and use them in explanatory Modals for creating the bigger picture.



Explanatory Models

After intense interview sessions, Explanatory Models were used in order cluster interview learnings and translate insights in a format that is easy to share and digest.



Video Overviews 




Mapping Mapping Mapping




Some Visitor Profile