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Turkcell Smart Health Solution is composed of a gateway; Turkcell SağlıkMetre, reading patients’ 
measurements via Bluetooth from medical devices and delivering these measurements to the 
doctor via GSM network through the embedded M2M SIM card in the device with just the touch 
of a button, and SağlıkTakip, an internet based Health Monitoring System, enabling doctors to 
follow and analyze measurements coming from patients. 

The health gateway Turkcell SağlıkMetre, through its latest technology and maximum ease of use 
enables the tracking of five different chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia, 
hypertension, asthma, and COPD). Turkcell SağlıkMetre, which is developed by Turkcell 
Technology engineers entirely using local resources, allows patients of all ages with chronic 
health disease to deliver their measurements to their doctors at the touch of a button regardless 
of time or place