04. Cirlce of Life.mp3

Same as guitar heaven, when I get back to garageband my old project greeted me. I had some other stuff in mind but not particularly. So I did give it a go after a week also. And manage to add couple more layers of riff and was satisfied with it. (Good enough)

When I do go back to the same peiece it seems to add up, tho it is a challange not to over due. In this particular song bit I think I did cross over a little bit but than figure out it was getting way too unnecessarily busy, managed to stop. 

This image made by Miriam Aroeste kind of represents the audio sketch. Image via http://miriamaroeste.com/ 

This image made by Miriam Aroeste kind of represents the audio sketch.
Image via http://miriamaroeste.com/ 

03.Guitar Heaven.mp3

Silence in between

Last time when I was super uninspired, i stayed away from the computer. Was not working. After a week when I decided to get back to creating stuff, open logic and the last thing i was playing on showed up. Listened to it again and this time more ideas and inspiration rushed through. I was really surprised by that situation. I don't exactly know if it was because i was in a good mood or feeling happy that day that made me appreciate and feel inspired but i manage to go on and at least finish the early ideas and export the sound sketch. Or maybe it was just the silence or the break that I gave myself and stayed away and could get back to eat with fresh ears. Probably all of it :D Its bunch of loops i picked after a loooooong sound picking sessions, put in to somewhat and order.  So here it is.

Super cheezzy representation of the song :D at least the colors are more accurate

Super cheezzy representation of the song :D at least the colors are more accurate

02.By Night.mp3

Yeap, this is mine :)

Previously I was talking about the "piece!!" i made while exploring Logic and Garageband. This week I kept going the exploration but I was more focused on trying to get the sound in my head and was quite curious if I could manage!

I started off with loops again and after sick amount of time i spend listening pre-made bits, I decided to create my own. Started with the drums. I had a very simple idea of the drum riff. simple 4/4 beat. I had a particular idea about the sound of the kick drum. I wanted a certain deep sound and more organic less plastic sound and also here I spend sick amount of time to find it. Have I found it! Hmm, %75 yes. But after hours of listening kicks I said, hey f! this this is good enough. I really wanted to see if i can get the idea and the feeling in my head to the digital media and how much of it I could manage and even just picking one kick is gonna take this much time when am I gonna say what do I wanna say? So I am not aiming for perfect here, tho I was frustrated already. It is a bit of fun to explore especially when I just explore for the sake of exploration. But when I have a purpose to fulfill that is just something on my way. So it is maybe %30 fun %70 frustration to find THE sound. Maybe it will get better the more I work on it, I dunno.

So here is the process in a nutshell:
Have an idea
choose the drums
create the riff on a midi keyboard
edit timing and tones, loop

Have no idea
Pure exploration with both sounds available and the riff
create riff
try to match the sound to the feeling I had in mind

03. Texture:
The feeling or the color that I want to achieve is not there yet at all
So pure exploration of what is available
Find smth good enough keep building

04. The melody
Find the right sound and express the melody through
Lots and lots of try and error
Fun to begin with but super easy to get lost in it

Open the mix table
Youtube some tutorials
Close the mic table
Pretend that didnt happen at all!!
Nope thats just waaay to complicated


So here it is, created every bit of it, the rifs and such. This feels mine, closer to what I imagined (thou it is not there yet at all). There is certain limit due to available sounds which has huge effect on what I did create but, good enough for now!


01.Patchwork and a riff.mp3

Is this mine?

thats how the song look like in logic

So it has been a week, since I start playing around with my set up. Which is basically a midi keyboard and garageband and Locig X so far.  I should admit It is so much fun to play around in the beginning. So much digital instruments out there, especially synths. Those sounds you dont really hear somewhere else. Like new toys you got. Though after a week my ears were quite tired and and I went through almost all of the different sounds that the garageband has (and some more I downloaded). And than.. Than I discover loops :D

Than I discovered another world aand the exploration has started again. Omg! So much to hear and choose. Of course at this point I am exploring the possibilities what I can do to be able to create a song. I dont have a particular feeling to express or a song to make. It is more like creating within the limit of the tool. But I decided to go for the loops that i liked and see how do they come together. 

In short I choose loops, arrange them in somewhat an order. And add a melody that I come up with on top of the pre made but my select loops. And there I have a maybe a min long "something", It is not a song couse it is not finished right. But most of all, is this premature song MINE? Did I compose it? I have put them there select somewhat carefully, arrange, cut and mix it a little and even add a riff of my own, i have mixed feelings whether it is mine or not. Well I have more questions than answers at this point but gonna keep playin :)


So here it is :)