The Brief
Initial brief was to focuses on professional users who are defined as those having expert knowledge and experience in using a product, service or system. The aim of this project is to gain experience of the process of designing a complex product or system where both cognitive and physiological aspects are involved. Emphasis of this project is on user observation, interviews, activity studies and task analysis as methods for understanding and representing user behavior on a human-computer interaction level.

The Intent
We wanted to have a look at today’s human vehicle relation and redefine communication and interaction between the driver-vehicle. Modern technologies have the potential to create a paradigm shift in the role of the driver in any vehicle-driver system. Already, automatic gears, adaptive cruise control and other similar technologies have greatly altered the physical task of driving. As advanced automation technologies are introduced, the role of the driver is likely to change from ‘driving’ to ‘supervising’. We wanted to come up with a design that driver would not actively driving, but rather be superviser. In this project we decided to focus on driver environment for future highly automated trucks, with Safety, Skill maintenance and Pride-job satisfaction in mind.

The Value
TruckBuddy is a system that understands, learns and reacts to the driver’s state, actions and emotions. Most of us take it for guaranteed and tend to forget that traffic is dangerous and most of the accidents are user faults. Yet we are talking about a future of driverless cars. Until driverless cars and fully automated systems implementation TruckBuddy is going to create safe diving environment and guide the driver to unseen danger without letting them loose their pride and skills. TruckBuddy shows us how we might be use technology to create positive environment and it also provokes us to think about how we will be interacting with automation and what will be the human’s role in environments which is highly automated. 

My Contribution
We were a diverse, multi-international team. Our process makes it difficult to define certain roles. We were quite acive and supporting. My contribution is mostly about research, storytelling, storyboarding, project planning, sound design, directing and editing.