Sound Experiences

Have been a sound design ambassador myself for sometime, it was refreshing to read some perspective on it from a big company perspective. So if you dont believe me read medium article from the Facebook Sound Design Director, Will Littlejohn  :)

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 13.30.56.png


You can also check the sound experiences I designed, for home appliances company Arcelik here:

Visualizing Rhythm

Upcomin: Degree Work

Starting from tomorrow I will be working on my degree @UID. Guess what it is gonna be about!
Music!! Though it is quite broad will be identified later what to focus on, I have started to search elements of music. And today it is about Rhythm. And yes it is as complex as it is written :)

In this TEDed video John Varney is talking about different way to visualize rhythm. Although it is still comlex, it is an interesting way to look at it and it feel there is even more room to improve.

Introducing Atlascopcosaurus The Dinosaur :)

Do you know that there is a dinosaur named after Atlas Copco?
If not here is your chance to meet with her. (Why her? I mean why not? Since English is not gender mutual I had to choose, anyhow I will get back to this topic later ;)

Atlascopcosaurus “Atlas Copco lizard” found in Australia. It was about 2-3 metres (6.5-10 ft) long and weighed roughly 125 kg. It lived during the early Cretaceous, but not much else is known about it; the genus is based on a mostly incomplete skeleton.

It was named after the company because Atlas Copco had provided equipment for the expeditions that discovered this dinosaur in 1984. The project revealed 85 fossil bone fragments. 

Atlas the dino is good company  in the office :)

Nature Sound Waves

This is a really great visualization of what I was talking about on my *Music By Birds post*.
Photographer Anna Marinenko makes an awesome visual translation here. So if you look for it, sound waves are everywhere :)

Another day @work :)

This is how a field trip would look like in Atlas Copco. I had the chance to observe and DRIVE a mine truck. Which was awesome. Surprisingly It is way easier than driving a car. That was particular experience. Next level, digging in the mine :)

Music by birds

I often just sit, look and listen both myself and my surroundings. I hear symphony of people walking as a song, composition, as the harmony of the whole. It is hard to translate what you hear exactly and how. Looking to the reflections of trees on a lake and see soundwaves, wonder what is the music in it. Its almost like Norton Hears Who :)

So that is a visual concert just for me. But sometimes you find people who has an eye or lets say an ear for it. So nice to find people who think a like, who had same picture when looking at a scenery. I find this lovely human who sees musical notes when watching birds resting on wires and translate into a composition. Lovely, just lovely :)

Skipping rocks: How "cool" it is

One of my favorite game ever. As I always live by the sea, it comes with the package you know, skipping rocks. And I always love the sound of it. Even improve my rock throwing skills to get different sound (its pretty cool btw :)

But this guy take it to a whole another level, how awesome sound it is to skip a rock on a half frozen lake. I am soooo gonna try that and of course record the sound. But the problem is, I am a medditerranian. It never even snows in my hometown. I never had the chance to skip a rock on a frozen river. Luckly I am living in Sweden right now, how awesome is that.  Can't wait for the winter. (Fake it till you make it)

Ps the couple is quite fun :)