Introducing Atlascopcosaurus The Dinosaur :)

Do you know that there is a dinosaur named after Atlas Copco?
If not here is your chance to meet with her. (Why her? I mean why not? Since English is not gender mutual I had to choose, anyhow I will get back to this topic later ;)

Atlascopcosaurus “Atlas Copco lizard” found in Australia. It was about 2-3 metres (6.5-10 ft) long and weighed roughly 125 kg. It lived during the early Cretaceous, but not much else is known about it; the genus is based on a mostly incomplete skeleton.

It was named after the company because Atlas Copco had provided equipment for the expeditions that discovered this dinosaur in 1984. The project revealed 85 fossil bone fragments. 

Atlas the dino is good company  in the office :)